Rain forces marmalade production to begin…

As I write this, the rain continues to pour outside…apparently it’s the rain before the snow. The temperature has certainly dropped throughout the day so after strawing the cows this morning I decided to head inside and make the most of the wet weather.

Every January I set aside a rainy day to do something I love…marmalade making. I love the fact that the Seville orange season is so short – lasting about six weeks across January and February. Last week I took the opportunity to hunt down some of the oranges in Beccles and have kept them stored in the (very) cold porch until now.

…time for marmalade making

Part of the reason I love making it so much is because of the “Magic” marmalade cutter that has been passed down to me. It makes the job so much easier. I also adore the smell and sound of the orange mixture bubbling away on the hob – so much so that it gradually steams up the kitchen windows.

Ready for marmalade making

Last January I made a handful of jars using a couple of kilos. This year I have gone all out and am making my way through 10 kilos of oranges – a task I partially wish I hadn’t started!

Marmalade making to Delia’s recipe

The first batch – currently nearing the end of it’s two-hour simmer – has been made to Delia Smith’s Traditional Seville Orange Marmalade recipe, the one I think I used last year. This uses 2kg of preserving sugar for every 1kg of oranges. With the next batch I’m going to attempt a different recipe – as well as maybe a third and fourth – to eventually blind taste test…reviews to follow! And, if anyone has any suggestions for tried and tested recipes do forward them on and I’ll give them a go.

2 thoughts on “Rain forces marmalade production to begin…

  1. We for sure want to taste your wonderful Marmelade next time we’re over in beautiful Norfolk… Save us a jar, please!

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