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One word, running…

I’ve decided to get back into running…and I have started, honest! My motivations? A general need to improve fitness and two weddings in June.

I used to run quite a lot but it’s been years since I’ve taken it seriously. A lot of that has to do with living in the country, as winter running is just a bit more tricky in a place where there are no street lights.

I’ve put in three runs since I started a week ago and have had a few days off as I wait for a new pair of trainers to arrive – the old pair became victims of the dogs and ended up totally useless. I’m also the proud owner of a new pair of unmissable leggings.

Testing new leggings…

A friend of mine (one of the brides-to-be) recommended some fancy new trainers which I’m going to give a go – and I’m secretly hoping them make me run faster and longer!

As I wait for the trainers I’ve missed two days of running and already feel guilty about it but, tomorrow I should be back on the roads.

The trouble with living where I do means I have two choices when running – choosing to run on the same road for at least a mile before I hit two optional routes or running on footpaths which don’t really agree with my dodgy knees. It’s fairly limited but the views are lovely and I’m embracing the time spent outside in the fresh air and the chance to take in the landscape in a completely different way.

The footpath running route…

At the same time as running again, I’m attempting to be a bit more healthy. I’ve been inspired by BBC Good Food’s magazine’s healthy seven-day plan, and so far the selection has been delicious. We’ve particularly liked the soda bread, mexican bean soup and loin of cod with tomato salsa.

Poached eggs on soda bread with smashed avocado…

So, here’s to continuing the exercise regime and hoping that the new trainers work mini miracles!


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