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Signs of Spring…

Aside from a covering of snow today – which was thoroughly enjoyed by the dogs – it truly feels like spring is on the way.

February snow…

So much so that I thought I’d compile a list of things that I’ve seen or heard that give a clue to Spring being just round the corner.

  • Longer days – The very fact that light doesn’t fade until well past 5pm is such a welcome sight
  • Daffodils – For me daffodils are a quintessential sign of Spring. As soon as the buds start peeking through the ground I look forward to their sunny blooms. They also remind me fondly of my time in Grasmere working at William Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage
Gorgeous spring daffs…
  • Snowdrops and crocuses – Along with the daffodil, these bright, beautiful blooms really brighten the landscape
  • Lambs – Is there anything more indicative of Spring than lambs springing around the fields?!
  • Birdsong – As the days get longer and brighter there definitely seems to be an increase in twittering birdsong
  • Hares – Although we are a way away from watching the Mad March Hares box, over the past few weeks there have certainly been more and more running around the farm
  • Leaf buds – Many of the farm’s trees, shrubs and plants are already forming buds, soon they will be unfurling into brilliant greens leaves
The first leaf buds…

I’d love to hear of anything else you have to add to the list, do let me know…

Tomorrow, I’ll be welcoming my first ever guest blog from one Norfolk farmer who is currently knee deep in gorgeous lambs.

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