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A freezer full of beef…

At the end of last week we took delivery of our beef.

Having sent two beasts to slaughter in February, after more than 21 days hanging, and a vigorous cutting process, it arrived.

the beef arrives…

Luckily, in the week before its arrival we made sure we used up all the things that get pushed to the bottom of the freezer and forgotten about. Most of this was a selection of fruit and vegetables from the kitchen garden.

Does that happen to anyone else?

Anyway,we feasted on:

  • Rhubarb fool
  • Baked blackberries with mascarpone
  • Leek, cannelloni bean and spinach soup
  • Broad bean hummus
  • Gooseberry compote
  • A variety of bagels, crumpets and bread
  • A 11kg turkey (well the dogs enjoyed that)
  • …and we have an impressive batch of sloe gin underway

And now we have a freezer full of beef.

So far we’ve managed to give our new cracked black pepper sausages a go, as well as Sirloin steaks and mince.

the mince arrives…

When people taste our beef, they almost always comment on how much tastier it is compared to the beef they normally buy. And, if this is from a supermarket there is no comparison. Our beef spends most of its life outside, grows slowly and once slaughtered, hangs for more than 21 days.

If you fancy giving our beef a go, let me know!

home grown steak…

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