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…getting my gardening on

The past week has been so gloriously sunny here in Norfolk.

I’ve been making the most of it by getting on with tasks in the garden in an attempt to get ahead before it gets much warmer and the weeds take over.

Spring time…

Tasks completed so far:

  • Pruning roses, dogwood, honeysuckle, hydrangea and fruit trees
  • Mulching borders
  • Planting vegetable and flower seeds in the greenhouse
  • Shopping for new shrubs and plants
Pruning roses…

As the weather improves, the farm is beginning to blossom and come into its own with a sea of yellow daffodils, primroses and the first rhubarb of the season.

It’s a great time of year.

The farm coming to life…

I’m also enjoying the return of Gardeners’ World. It’s great to know what you should be doing in the week ahead, even if you don’t get round to it!

This week, Monty says we should be:

  • Mulching – to halt the growth of weeds, retain moisture in the soil and improve the soil structure
  • Coppicing dogwood and hazels – to flood the surrounding area with light and encourage regrowth
  • Plant Dahlia tubers – in the greenhouse and when the plant is a foot high, plant it out in May
  • Prune roses
  • Cut back grasses

For me that means this weekend will involve cutting back grasses, planting dahlias and continuing to mulch. Let’s hope the weather holds out!

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