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The World Marmalade Awards…

It’s no secret that I love marmalade.

I love its sticky oozy-ness and golden orange colour. Seriously, what’s better than some bitterly sweet marmalade on top of freshly toasted bread slathered with lashings of butter?

Homemade marmalade and soda bread…

Earlier in the year I entered two jars of Seville Orange marmalade to the World Marmalade Awards.

Having heard nothing I assumed I needed to try harder next year.

However, today’s post included two bronze awards for my efforts – to say I’m delighted is an understatement.
I’m delighted it was good enough for an award but also excited that I have room to improve – now there’s no excuse for not making more next year!

My 2017 marmalade…


Every January I set aside a rainy day (this year it was three) to make Seville Orange marmalade.  I love the fact that the Seville orange season is so short – lasting about six weeks across January and February – it means you have to hunt the oranges down and quickly make this wonderful stuff.

Part of the reason I love making it so much is because of the “Magic” marmalade cutter that has been passed down to me. It makes the job so much easier. I also adore the smell and sound of the orange mixture bubbling away on the hob – so much so that it gradually steams up the kitchen windows.

This year I made over 60 jars, with many going to family and friends, but we also have enough at home to see us through the year.

Now it’s bronze-rated I’m sure we will savour the taste a bit more than usual!

7 thoughts on “The World Marmalade Awards…

    1. I had it on a fresh dark breakfast roll which nicely complemented the rich taste of your marmelade.

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