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Harvest time…

Here in south Norfolk, it’s harvest time.

Unusually early, the fields are starting to come alive with tractors, trailers, balers and harvesters.

It’s a truly wonderful sight.

harvest time…

Many of the crops have been in the ground over winter and each day you can see changes as it grows. More recently the wheat and barley have ripened almost overnight (probably helped by the application of ripener).

The hot weather in the last few days of June must have helped as well.

what a beautiful sight…

On average the harvest this year is a couple of weeks ahead of average, and some farmers even began in June.

Here on the farm we grow grass to cut as hay for food for the cows over winter.

Yesterday it was cut, today it was turned.

hay time…

For the first time I tried my hand at turning the hay and it went pretty well. After a shaky start I upped the revs (apparently to flick the hay quicker) and was well on my way…and do you know what I loved it.

There was something very calming about pottering up and down the fields, caring for your crop.

At the start of turning…

Tomorrow, weather permitting, brings another few hours of turning until it’s crisp and golden.

I really love this time of year, the sun is out the crops are being harvested and optimism is high.


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