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What a glorious day…

This morning it was blustery, and I mean b-lustery – it has been for days.

The summer has seemingly disappeared to be replaced with more autumnal-like weather here in south Norfolk.

Today I’d resigned myself to a day of indoor tasks, when mid-afternoon the clouds parted and the sun shone.

Simultaneously I could hear the combine harvesters chugging away only fields from the farm – the plumes of dust visbale across the land.

Is there a more summery sight?…

Now, these may have been working all morning, but the sun coming out certainly made this summer sound immediately more obvious.

Throughout the afternoon the temperature rose and the skies got clearer and this reflected in the sunset.

Tonight’s glorious sunset…

It was stunning – in the space of minutes the sky changed from rose red to deep violet.

Gorgeous sunset and possibly bad weather on the way…

Here’s to (hopefully) another glorious day tomorrow – but having watched the weather forecast – I may have to wait until Sunday.

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