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The annual rush to bring in the onions…

I’ve been growing vegetables for a few years now, but each year I seem to forgot what I need to do when.

Often I find myself referring to seed packets, books or the internet.

The crop that always catches me out is the onions.

…shallots drying in the sun

Although they are probably the most obvious crop, I tend to forget to lift them to let them dry out.

Luckily, a week ago, while phoning my brother for potato harvesting advice – he told me that I should lift them that very day because a few straight days of warm weather and sunshine was predicted.

I did just that and he was right.

They began to dry out wonderfully. It was only about four days later when I was admiring them from the kitchen window, that the heavens showed signs of opening.

…the rush to get the onions in

It was 8pm, I was cooking, but I did (what is now) the annual rush outside to load the onions into barrows to store them in the shed.

At the same time I was cursing myself for not thinking ahead and looking at the weather forecast to avoid my last minute rush to gather them in.

I was just in time.

…gathering in the produce
…a good crop

They are now nestled safely in the shed, along with the shallots, drying further and will keep us going through the winter.

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