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Why do dogs like snow so much…

…it’s a question I ask myself every time the Labrador finds itself out in the snow – she absolutely loves it. It makes her extremely hectic and happy and she tears round and round, up and down, trying to get the Ridgeback to join in.

The Ridgeback is less fussed about the snow but once she resolves herself to the fact that she isn’t going back inside anytime soon she does tend to embrace it.

This afternoon we headed outside after hours of constant snowfall. The farm is now more than a foot deep in snow and our afternoon walk was rather adventurous.

We came across snow drifts that swallowed the dogs whole and gorgeous landscapes everywhere we looked. The raised veg beds even look like they are covered in a precise layer of royal icing.

Here are some photos, they are mostly testament to one dog’s joy of the snow…

Enjoy the snow if you have it and stay safe…

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