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The joy of gardening…

Like a lot of people, the sun has driven me outside.

As soon as the temperature started to rise, the snow stopped and the wind dropped, I was out in the garden like a shot.

The warm weather and sight of the sun makes being outside a joy.

But, when I first head outside each Spring I realise the amount of work I have to do to get the veg beds and garden in any sort of order.

It’s a time of optimism but it’s also quite daunting.

It’s because of this that I haven’t taken the time for a few weeks to sit down and reflect about it on here.

But as I write, the veg beds are now clear and full of gorgeous farmyard compost. The strawberries are planted and many of the seeds are sown and are either nestled safely in the kitchen or the greenhouse.

Some are coming through nicely – the broad beans, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and an array of flowers.

Others are struggling to burst through, especially the chillis.

One thing I have sown this year (for the second time – last year they failed) are Protea seeds. I’ve put last year’s failure down to the fact that I didn’t follow the intense sowing instructions to the letter. This year I have. It involved a good lot of work and ingredients, including charred newspaper – don’t ask. When I’m over the faff of it all I’ll write a post about it.

I’ve also started to weed the flower beds to get a grasp on where any spare space lies so I can plant out my collection of seedlings, cuttings and plug plants. I’m hoping these will make the garden look a little more established after spending a couple of seasons overhauling the beds and removing any misplaced or self sown plants that were out of control.

It’s all such a labour of love.

Being outside is where I love to be. I always feel so at peace gardening, even if what I’m doing is a bit trial and error. It’s nice to escape work, stress and everyday life by removing myself to the garden to just enjoy something for what it is.

And this time of year is wonderful in the garden – with new life sprouting in every corner. The trees and bursting into leaf, the tender heads of seedlings are poking though the soil and the cycle of blooming flowers in the garden and in the hedgerows is well underway.

Enjoy your week and celebrate the tiny changes in nature that each days brings…

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