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Great British Beef Week – Japanese style steak

Every night this week I am cooking a different dish using our own beef to mark Great British Beef Week – except tonight.

Each month our local Japanese restaurant, Momiji, hosts a sushi week and more often than not we’ll be there with bells on. The food is sublime, the service is wonderfully friendly and the ale is kept to an exceptional standard – what more could you ask for.

So this evening we ventured out and indulged in many of our usual dishes – edamame beans, soft-shell crab tempura, chicken kara-age and a selection of sushi rolls.

We also had beef to mark Great British Beef Week.

The beef on offer is Japanese style steak and is sourced locally from Pepperell’s Meats in Harleston.

Bought as a strip loin (from the short loin), it is cut into steaks, sealed in a frying pan and then thinly sliced through and finished in the oven. The short cooking time is made possible because of the leaness of the meat.

It is served with a typical Japanese dipping sauce made with soy sauce, sake and mirin as well as a dressing made with apple, ginger, garlic, onion and honey.

It melts in the mouth and is packed with flavour.

As always it was a treat to visit Momiji, massive thanks to Charlotte, Taka and the team.


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