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A birth on the farm…

A few weeks ago the cows moved outside for summer and have since been enjoying the lush grass and sunshine.

The first cow set to give birth this year is due in late June – imagine then my surprise when on a dog walk last night at about 10.30pm I flash the torch across a paddock and see a new born calf standing up and feeding.

Nature is a wonder when things go well (the last labour on the farm was tricky and lengthy and involved a calf jack to help pull the enormous calf out).

But last nights birth was quite plainly a smooth one and the cow and calf were perfectly happy and bonding well when we retired for the evening.

When I checked on the pair this morning at 7am, the little one was still a little unsteady on their feet but is now sprightly, strong and busy exploring.

It’s the first calf born to our own bull and he seems to be rather impressed by it all.

I spent a wonderful hour in the field this morning charting its first few hours of life in daylight…

…I spy a calf

Look at that tongue!

…A proud bull (I like to think!)


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