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A walk around the garden…

It’s safe to say I have spent the last two months gardening – sure, I’ve done other things, but I’m currently relishing the role of head gardener.

If ever there has been a time to embrace gardening it is now.

Every day there are changes to admire, new blooms to watch and mini landscapes to adore – and adore them I do.

For the past twelve weeks, the world in which I tread has ultimately been reduced to the patch of earth I call my garden and I now know every nook and cranny intimately.

I eagerly await the unfurling of new petals hour-by-hour, preambling round the perimeter of the garden – small but important activities that time has never previously allowed.

Here are the spoils of today’s walk around the garden. It’s a heady mix of salmon, apricot and pastel-coloured roses, the fading splendor of delphiniums, the last throws of peonies and the start of the summer’s big hitters – most excitingly, dahlias.

Long may it continue…



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