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Sunshine and creosote…

Although the temperature has dropped (just in time for Easter) it’s been gloriously sunny here on the farm for the past week or so.

The blossom is coming out, buds are unfurling and blackcurrants, gooseberries and apricots are forming on the fruit trees.

gorgeous summer skies…

It’s meant that we’ve been able to crack on with a number of maintenance jobs which I tend to put off when it’s dark and chilly.

The grass has also been through its first couple of cuts and all the hard-to-reach areas have been strimmed.

…freshly cut grass
That horrible task, strimming…

We have been preparing the paddocks for when the cows head back outside, replacing posts and struts, and once the grass has grown a little more (we need rain, but just a quick blast!) they will be back out on the fields.

…fixing fence posts

The cows know it’s time to head out, they can smell the grass growing and have started mooing more often – just to let us know they know!

The task of creosoting the farm’s woodwork has also begun, it seems endless when you begin but the improvement certainly makes it worthwhile…

…before and after

The list of jobs continues over the Easter weekend, the most of exciting of which is to bottle the 2016 cider…watch this space!

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