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Why Wednesdays are good…

Wednesday is a good day in our house.

Not only is it mid-week, it’s also Country Life day.

Each Wednesday (Royal Mail depending) the weekly magazine lands on the doormat.

Every week the magazine remains cocooned in its cellophane until the working day is over and I can justify opening it.

And opening it always feels like a treat.

It’s probably the only time I retreat into a bit of personal peace and quiet each week, away from the hubbub of daily life on the farm.

…the weekly quiz

I start at the beginning and finish at the end – unless I’m pushed for time and then I take a sneak peak at the recipes, the cartoon, the gardening column and most importantly the quiz.

And then, throughout the following week, I dip back into it.

When you live on a farm what’s not to love about a piece of print that covers everything from agriculture, the arts, events, recipes and culture to features on country traditions, architecture, interior design and gardening.

But it’s the five-question quiz that we hotly anticipate – we’re currently on week four of achieving three out five (the holy grail of five has been achieved a handful of times and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad).

But this seemingly harmless subscription is now causing me a problem – what do I do with them all?

…Country Life

In various corners of the house I have piles of Country Life that I can’t seem to bring myself to throw away.

I am a hoarder, I’m known to collect all sorts of things, but the very thought of throwing these out just seems criminal.

All suggestions gratefully received….

3 thoughts on “Why Wednesdays are good…

  1. I get Country Living every month, my son bought a subscription for my Christmas present years ago and forgot to cancel it, and I too have piles of them all over the house. My magazine is monthly not weekly but my house is much smaller than yours so it’s probably an equivalent problem. Please let me know if you find a solution.

  2. I know an elderly lady who can hardly get round her house due to stacks of many years of Horse & Hound. Don’t end up like that.
    Keep any that are of particular interest and pass the others to a worthy recipient, I do with mine and after a couple of stops I believe they end up at a local hospice.

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