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Great British Beef Week – Fillet of beef with lobster ravioli

As it’s Sunday, I thought I’d try a more challenging dish to cook using our own beef.

For the past seven days I’ve been cooking with different cuts of beef to mark Great British Beef Week.

Today I was inspired by a dish I had at Royal Ascot a few years ago when I went to the races with my dad. We dined on fillet of beef with lobster ravioli and ever since I’ve wanted to try making it at home.

I make ravioli quite frequently but tend to stick with a couple of favourites – pork & parmesan and crab & apple.

Making ravioli is fairly straight forward but it’s quite time consuming. To make it worthwhile I tend to create a batch of pasta dough and filling, using some that day, and freezing the rest in portions. It’s then really easy to grab some frozen pasta dough and filling from the freezer and pop it together.

So today I thought I’d use my ravioli knowledge to make a lobster filling. Last week I paid a visit to Cromer and picked up my first Cromer crabs of the season – they are so delicious right now. I’ve chosen to use Cromer lobster for my ravioli, it’s as sweet as the crabs and from my home town!

I turned to a tested recipe for tonight’s supper, not having made the dish before. It was pretty straight forward and the recipe paired the lobster with salmon within the ravioli.

I’ve cooked the ravioli with Norfolk asparagus, home-grown kale flowers, home-reared fillet of beef, a lobster sauce and pan-fried king prawns.

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