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Harvest is go…

There are particular points in the farming year that bring me a real sense of joy – from the first cut of grass to the first bale of hay, to seeing and hearing the roar of combine harvesters on the fields.

When harvest is in full swing there is a real sense of urgency in the countryside. Combines steadily mill up and down the fields, balers follow to gather the straw and tractors nip through the lanes to shuttle bales to storage.

We go to sleep with the hum of machinery around us and wake up to it, I often wonder how much rest there has been, if any.

The rhythm of the noise seems almost soothing and reminds me, in a very subtle way, how important agriculture is to us all: it’s the heartbeat of the countryside.

It’s a great time to be alive in the country – especially when the weather is favourable.



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