Country life

My trusty stalwart…

As I started gardening a couple of days ago, the sun came out and I just had to remove a layer, it felt so warm.

I hung my trusty Barbour on a redundant fork and realised how tatty it had become.

time for a new Barbour…

Day in and day out the coat hangs loyally in the boot room until I need it for gardening, dog walks and trips into town when it’s raining or windy.

I just love it for what it is and for the last decade it has served me exceptionally well.

Now this may sound ridiculous because at the end of the day it is just a coat but it is honestly one of the best items I have ever owned.

It’s just so blooming practical. It is vital for keeping the wind and the brambles out and perfect for storing dog treats, tools and rabbits.

I’ve owned it since it was new and love all its faults and tears, and can nostalgically remember how they all happened.

Each day, for the past few months, tears have deepened and new ones have appeared. The sound of a new tear has become a regular occurrence.

…still going strong

So when I looked at it hanging sadly on the fork, I realised that:

  • It’s no longer waterproof
  • The main zip no longer works (I have to step in and out of it)
  • The pockets are inaccessible
  • When people see me in it, I get some dubious looks

The conclusion to all of this – it’s time to save for a new Beaufort. I’ve considered other options, but honestly, nothing else will do.

I’ll keep wearing it until it can physically go no further and will try and make something from what’s left of it, but the time has come to welcome a new one onto the farm…



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