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Pink tractor run…

Each year, in south Norfolk, a host of women get together for the Pink Ladies Tractor Run.

In this part of the world tractor runs are pretty common, events that see groups of tractor owners travelling on a set route to raise money for charity.

Fourteen years ago, a local lady, Annie Chapman, decided to set up a ladies tractor run to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Since the run started it has raised more than £520,000.

I’d heard about it, and in a past life, I had reported on the run for a local newspaper.

However, today was the first time I had seen the run in person…it was beautiful, emotional and inspiring all at the same time.

Tractors were decked out in pink garlands, bras, inflatable flamingos, parasols and much more.


The train of tractors, from vintage machines to new models with full power steering, wound its way across the district throughout the day.

I cycled a couple of miles from home to watch the run as it travelled from Harleston to Pulham St Mary.

There was an array of vehicles on show, but what struck me most was the enthusiasm of the woman involved and the time and dedication you could see they had paid to the decoration of their beloved tractors.

I’m sure many of the women involved have their own personal stories to tell about experiences of cancer and I’m sure that motivates many of them to take part in what is now such an iconic event in this part of the world.

A big hurrah to all those who took part – the drivers, the stewards, support crew and crowds.

It has inspired me to take part next year, all I need now is a tractor…watch this space.


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