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There’s something about fresh bread…

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook about a bakery in my local village.

Having no idea where it was I soon found out that it was bijoux bakery that opens only once a week.

Without having tried the bread, I already loved the idea of it. I loved it because someone who was obviously passionate about what they did had set up a business around their normal day-to-day life.

My first bread order was two weeks ago – for a pain au levain, a traditional French sourdough loaf with a small quantity of rye flour.

pain au levain…

It was lovely…and perfect with some raw butter from Fen Farm Dairy.

To guarantee bread on a Saturday you need to order on a Thursday so the fabulous Hannah of Hempnall Village Bakery can fulfil all the orders.

For years I have made my own bread – more often than not soda bread – because I got fed up with the processed nature of bread bought in bakeries and supermarkets.

ciabatta, rye sourdough and pain au levain…

I didn’t mind baking my own, but having the option of buying a range of fresh bread each week is delightful.

Since my first order I have reordered each week and am now on week three.

For the past couple of weeks I have ordered three loaves which see us through the week.


Last week it was ciabatta (enjoyed with pate and emmenthal), pain au levain (great with marmalade) and the wonder that is 100% rye sourdough (gorgeous toasted with brie).

Each time I have a slice of any of these it feels like a treat.

It is up to us all to keep wonderful artisan businesses like this going – and why wouldn’t you when the produce is just so brilliant…

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful bakery. I wish we had one in my village (I’ve toyed with the idea). True loaf and picket bakery are excellent guides on micro baking and bread angels.. ..

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