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What Novembers were made for…

Today the sun shone, the birds sung and the sky has been bright and wonderful.

Here in Norfolk it has been simply glorious – November please remain this way…

…crispy, frosty leaves

The morning dog walk started with crispy leaves underfoot on what was the first proper frost of the winter here in south Norfolk.

As I made my way through the grass the ice clung to my welly boots and the dogs raced up and down the fields, it was a glorious day to be out and about early.

…hare and rabbit runs

As we headed home the myriad of rabbit and hare runs on the farm were really visible.

I always enjoy seeing these as they remind me that we are surrounded by wildlife. We don’t always see them making their way through these runs but I like to think that at night the farm is alive with animals.

…is there anything more beautiful

Although many of the trees here have lost their leaves, a few still cling on to them.

Today I came across this tree, situated beautifully in full sun, soaking up the winter rays before the last of the leaves are lost.

It was just beautiful, and stood out like a beacon in a sea of bare branches.

…the plants head into the greenhouse for winter

I made the best of the warm weather by moving some of the farm’s delicate flora into the greenhouse.

The tree fern is my pride and joy and I’m hoping I can nurture it over its first winter here.

…moving the cattle feeder

Yesterday we moved the Herefords to the paddock nearest the farm as we get closer to moving them inside for the winter.

Today, we made the most of shifting the equipment out of their old paddock!

…happy with their new paddock

The Herefords seem to be loving the lush grass in their new paddock…

…what a view

…and I can now seem them from the bath!

…a stunning sunset to end the day

Fittingly, the day ended with a stunning sunset. Here’s hoping that we see many more days like this in the coming months.

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