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Ten new beasts arrive on the farm…

During the course of last year our main pond was dug out. The reason was simple – to clear the reeds that had taken over in a scene reminiscent of Day of the Triffids.

I’d tried to clear it myself – with the help of a kayak and a pair of secateurs – but failed almost straight away thanks to the sheer volume of reeds and a Ridgeback that decided to dive in to the pond and climb on the kayak. Needless to say I didn’t try again.

It was completely out of control – to the point where there were more reeds visible on the surface of the pond in the summer than there was water.

In the process of having it cleared we were told that Mirror Carp would help to keep the reeds at bay if we introduced them into the water.

Apparently they feed on the new shoots that emerge under water.

One morning this week, at 8am, a courier arrived with our delivery of live fish. Although I’ve never kept fish before, the sight of these little carp swimming around in their bag filled me with hope.

We took them down to the pond straight away and let them go. It was a cold morning with a slight frost, and after acclimatising to the water the little fish started darting around and soon disappeared into the depths.

Every day on our dog walks, I potter past the pond numerous times and although I can’t see the fish it’s nice to know that the pond is now full of life and our flock of animals on the farm has grown!





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  1. Hiya, I don’t know how I found you..but so glad I have lol. Have really enjoyed reading about your farm life and the things you get up to each day. Long may it continue, Many thanks Eileen.

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