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Christmas wreaths…

Without wanting to talk about Christmas too early, I’d like to – for the reason of floral arrangements!

For the last couple of years I have made wreaths for our own home, for family and friends and for my grandparents’ graves – but this year I’ve decided to sell them, I love making them and any excuse to make more works well for me!

They are made with a selection of greenery including ivy, holly, eucalyptus, pine and other evergreen foliage and are finished off with a selection of berries, pine cones, thistle heads, dried citrus slices, feathers, dried fruit, ribbons and bows.

They will be made in early December so you can have them up on your doors for the whole festive period. They will be available for pick up in both south Norfolk and Cromer.

I’m also up for hosting a wreath making day if anyone would like a go at making their own.

Let me know if you are interested in either.

Below are the wreaths I made last year…




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