The start of a new year…

It’s a new year, so as part of this year’s resolution I’ve started Diary of a Country Girl to chart my love of the countryside and the adventures that living in the country brings.

I’m constantly taking photographs of where I live, the changes I see in nature, and the daily wonders and challenges of living on a Norfolk farm – this blog is all about sharing those.

Living in this wonderful county has always inspired me, whether it’s the vast skies and open fields of south Norfolk or the iconic seascapes of the north Norfolk coast. I love wandering barefoot along the beach, feeling the sand between my toes but am equally at home in a pair of ragged wellies walking out along muddy country footpaths.

Today, January 1, the weather is as predicted – wet and windy. So instead of heading out into the garden to prepare the vegetable beds for the season ahead, I’ve been planning what to plant where and have placed an order for an array of flower and vegetable seeds to – hopefully – transform the garden in 2017.

Over the past couple of years the raised beds have delivered an array of produce, however there is always a great deal of veg that goes to waste. This year, I’ve decided to consolidate what we grow – with more of what we really enjoy.

So this New Year’s Day sees me surrounded by last year’s seed packets, going over what grew well and what didn’t quite go to plan. It’s quite a therapeutic exercise, especially when it involves copious cups of Earl Grey tea, the first slice of Christmas cake and the scent of hyacinths drifting into the room from the kitchen.

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