Cold days and stunning sunsets…

The past few days here in Norfolk have been packed with frosty starts and stunningly beautiful and clear sunsets. To make the most of the sunny weather, I’ve peppered them with long dog walks, (a bit of) gardening and as much time outside as possible.

Frosty morning leaves

And, as much as I’ve been reminiscing about those long-lost summer days, I’ve really been appreciating the chill in the air and all the beauty it brings with it, from ice-clad leaves to cobwebs strung with glistening dew.

Dewy cobwebs

The dogs have been loving the sensation of frost on their paws – it’s been the first time they’ve properly experienced it as they are only nine and five months old. They’ve been attempting to crack the ice on the puddles but have spent most of their time ungraciously skidding across them.

We’ve all enjoyed the break in the fog which had been blanketing the farm earlier in the week. It has meant sunnier walks exploring new footpaths while also trying to put into practice the dogs’ new lead-training regime (which is a whole other story!).

Winter dog walks

On our last long walk of the day at about 3.30pm today, we kept going until the sun began to set. With such clear skies the colours the sunset brought with it were simply stunning. Gradually changing from a dusky peach to lemony yellow before settling with an almost fluorescent orange flourish.

Tomorrow is meant to bring with it temperatures of -5, which is reason enough to wrap up warm and crack out my Russian fur hat and 200 denier tights! It feels like winter is now officially here…

Another gorgeous winter sunset


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