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What a wind…

As I went to bed last night I wondered to myself how we had managed to escape the bad weather effecting much of the country. There were horror stories of people stuck in their card overnight in snowdrifts with more impending snow storms due in the north.

For some reason I was totally unaware that storm-force winds were bound for the east overnight, with the met office issuing a ‘danger to life’ alert.

In the early hours I was woken by the wind whipping round the house and slamming shut the open window.

For about three hours it kept me awake (on and off) as it circled the farm and whistled through the trees.

It wasn’t until I got up that I thought about any damage it may have done. And damage there was…nothing terrible but lots of little things that need to be repaired.

  • Broken plant pots were littered across the patio
  • Trees has shed large branches in the garden, crushing smaller plants in their wake
  • Gate had blown open tearing catches from gate posts
…trees down
  • Tables and chairs were overturned
  • The lid was ripped off the borehole
  • A tree blocked the drive
  • A large oak tree was missing three limbs

…a fallen oak

We were lucky so it seems, even though the strongest winds in the country were measured at Tibenham, 20 miles away, at 83mph as the storm pulled away towards the North Sea.

As we don’t often experience storm winds like that here, when they do come it really does make me aware of mother nature’s complete power. It makes me both appreciate and respect it.

During out walk round the farm to inspect any damage, I was surprised at how calm it was. There was little wind and the sun shone – what a difference a couple of hours can make.

…the calm after the storm

The weather may have restricted journeys today and caused damage to gardens, houses and fences, but here’s hoping everyone is ok.


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