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A deep snow day…

When I walked the dogs at about 10pm last night, the skies looked clear and there seemed to be only a few dark clouds on the horizon. I half anticipated that we may escape any snow overnight.

I was wrong.

We woke up to a winter wonderland with snow laying anywhere between seven and nine inches deep across the farm.

The dogs were in their element, racing through the snow, and I can safely say that one of them was enjoying it more than the other.

Throughout the morning we’ve had two periods of sunshine but since about 11am we’ve seen consistent snow blizzards with the snow now at about 11 inches deep.

The cows are snug and warm in the cattle sheds, but I am making regular trips to see them to break the ice on their water.

The birds are flocking onto the feeders – even the blackbirds who never normally venture near them. If you have feeders do top them up. In this weather the birds need all the help they can get…

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